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AB 1825 Sex Harassment Trainer

A free resource for California employers about the sexual harassment training law (AB 1825).

Latest FEHC regs revision

Friday, March 30, 2007
The Fair Employment and Housing Commission did it again; they issued another proposed revision of the AB 1825 regulations. Here's a link to the latest proposed regulations (3/27/07 version) at the FEHC site.

The revised regulations no longer separate the jobs of "qualified trainer" and "subject matter expert"; now, everyone who will be qualified to train (or to prepare training materials, or to answer questions from students), must satisfy the requirements to be a "trainer." This basically requires two years' experience providing harassment training or consulting.

Thus, the lastest revisions set stronger standards for AB 1825 training providers than the FEHC's original proposed regulations (11/14/06 version), but not as rigorous as the last set of proposed regulations (2/27/07 version).

The latest proposed regs are now back open for public comment until April 16, 2007. The Commission's next action (and perhaps the final-final-final-this-time-I-mean-it-final version of the AB1825 regulations) will occur a week later at the FEHC meeting on April 23, 2007.

FEHC fixes typo

Monday, March 05, 2007
In my last post, I noted a typographical error in the new AB 1825 regulations. It's fixed now.

An erroneous reference to a subdivision (D) rather than (C) prompted the Fair Employment and Housing Commission to reissue its recently-proposed AB 1825 regulations again (this time sans typo).

Rather than await public comment (or, to head off at the pass a stampede of typo-related comments), the Commission corrected itself and atoned (i.e., as stated in its email, "The Commission apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.").